Order to pick up bulky waste / bulky goods in the catchment area of the city Ochtrup

Number Designation Number Designation

Do not belong to bulky waste:
Recyclable materials (such as glass, paper, sales packaging), residual waste, hazardous waste, car parts, rubble, excavated earth, construction site waste, bathtubs, sinks, trees, windows, doors, shrubs, electrical appliances, filled containers, wallpaper remnants, aquariums.

Applicant and removal address:

The discharge date is communicated by the recycling center Kockmann GmbH.

  • At the time of collection the bulky waste has to be placed on the street until 7:00 o'clock.
  • The bulky items must be brought into a condition suitable for loading.
  • The bulky goods must be designed in terms of weight and volume so that it can be loaded by a vehicle crew by hand.
  • Please only put the bulky goods you have registered on the street.
  • Eligible applicants are only waste-paying citizens of the city of Ochtrup.
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